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    Carlyn Beccia Welcome to my site. That’s me to the left, dressed like Anne Boleyn in a damask gown trimmed with cloth of gold. I am smiling even though my stays are cutting off my circulation and my brute of a husband won’t stop flirting with the hired help. If that sounds like gibberish, then I probably am not going to run into you at a Renaissance Fair. That's ok. Perhaps our paths will cross elsewhere. In the meantime, here are a few random facts about me when I am not playing dress up:

  • I am an uglitarian. I only eat ugly animals. Lamb and pigs are out. Veal is sacrilege. Chickens and fish are fair game.
  • I am an ellipseophile. I love to put ellipses in my writing. I am restraining myself right now.
  • I often make up words and try to convince others that they are real words.
  • I love goats.
  • I don't like monkeys or cherubs. They are always up to no good.
  • I went to school on a 4 – year art scholarship that forced me to major in art. I was mad about that. It looks like that one turned out ok. (switching to my announcer voice) ahhh hmmm....A few accomplishments:

    In 2005, Beccia was the Grand Prize Portfolio Winner in the Society of Children's Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI) portfolio exhibition. In 2006, she was awarded a certificate of merit in The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, Illustration West 44 Annual and she was also the Grand Prize Portfolio Winner in the New England, Society of Children's Writers & Illustrators (NEW ENGLAND SCBWI) portfolio exhibition.

    In 2008, Beccia's debut book, Who Put the B in the Ballyhoo? was a the Golden Kite honor recipient for picture book illustration. In 2009, The Raucous Royals was the winner of the International Reading Association's 2009 Children's and Young Adult Book Award for Intermediate-Nonfiction. Her latest release, I Feel Better with a Frog in my Throat was the nonfiction picture book Cybil Award winner, Parent's Choice Silver Honor medalist, an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio award winner, a Blue Stem Award Nominee and received a Silver Honor from the California Reading Assoication's Eureka! Nonfiction Children's Book Awards

  • My biggest wish is to go back in time and share a glass of ale with Henry VIII and ALL his six wives.

  • You can catch me at my history blog or my digital painting blog if you like to pick up random bits of information to impress/annoy guests at dinner parties.

    Contact me if you have a history related question, would like to book an author visit, or just want to chat.