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I like that you draw ugly people. Some day I would like to be an author and illustrator just like you!

-Sorine, Age 8

Thank you for coming to our school. You were fantastic. My favorite part was when you drew that picture of Gargantuan...

-Sophia, 4th Grade

The Secret Bio


Welcome to my site. That's me to the left giving readers a bigfoot/author height comparison (I am not wearing heels). Here are a few random facts about me when I am not hunting for cryptids:

  1. I am an uglitarian. I only eat ugly animals. Lamb and pigs are out. Veal is sacrilege. Chickens and fish are fair game.
  2. I am an ellipseophile. I love to put ellipses in my writing. I am restraining myself right now...
  3. I often make up words and try to convince others that they are real words.
  4. I love goats.
  5. I don't like monkeys or cherubs. They are always up to no good.